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   Publisher's Remarks
by Angela Harkless
Welcome to Cachét Magazine Online! Since Cachét Magazine's debut two years ago, it has
undergone some great changes that we are sure is going to serve the community well beyond
our original hopes and dreams.

Our mission remains the same — to tell the "good news" of the African American community.
We're committed to providing excellent coverage of social, cultural, philanthropic and corporate
events occurring in the African American community.

For those of you who are great fans of Cachét Magazine's printed version, I truly believe that you
are going to love the online version as well. Cachét Magazine Online will enable Cachét to
achieve greater connectibility and interactivity with our readers, subscribers, advertisers and the
community-at-large. We will also be able to partner more with organizations to promote and
publicize community events and activities.

I encourage you to keep a watchful eye on our Calendar of Events, Professional Peruse Calendar
and Byrd Heard It
column. These departments are dedicated to bringing you the most current
news on events and happenings in the community. Also, I invite you to join our email list and
watch our site for upcoming information on our new book, travel and dining clubs.

We are so excited to bring you Cachét Magazine Online. Thank you for visiting our site and I
hope there will be many, many happy returns.


Angela Harkless
Publisher and Editor


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